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  1. hi i saw this post and i would like to get these OS's to boot off of one cd(they are all really small) Linux: DSL Feather slitaz Puppy Tiny Core i got all the directories and kernel and everything in the right place, i just dont know what to put it ISOLINUX.cfg for the other distro's besides DSL as it was already in there. I know what to do for label, menu label, kernel, and intrid, but i dunno what to do for the rest of append after intrid for the other OS's like feather, slitaz, puppy, tiny core etc: (the included one for DSL) LABEL puppy MENU label ^1 Puppy MENU DEFAULT KERNEL /boot/puppy/vmlinuz APPEND initrd=/boot/puppy/initrd.gz (??????????????what goes here??????????) thanks!