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  1. I'm an AutoIt Scripter myself, and have noticed that a lot of AntiVirus programs can also interfere with the script ( fals positives )...If it's from a reliable source ( like MSFN), i would recommend a "disable" of your AntiVirus-program as a "test" as well...
  2. Yeah! Fixed it (well, at least for opening EXE files)! Edited '\Program Files\Universal Extractor\UniExtract.ini' and changed "globalprefs=0" to "globalprefs=1". Joe.
  3. Someone created a file called "reg2inf.exe" that was "commandline"-driven...hope he doesn't mind, but i wrote a GUI for it... Please note that the original "reg2inf"-file is embedded into the GUI, so you don't need the original "reg2inf.exe"-file...