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  1. Arch Linux, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04.
  2. I'm happy with Firefox. Never really liked Chrome and Opera.
  3. I don't miss the old OSes anymore, having moved to Linux as my main OS and sometimes using Windows 7 or XP.
  4. My Dell XPS 15 has a Seagate and my Acer 5532 has a WD. I have an Hitachi in an external case.
  5. Bauhaus – She's in Parties
  6. I mostly use laptops those days (haven't had a desktop in quite a while), this is my current one.
  7. "Menace of Vanity" by Epica.
  8. It will work with any operating system as long as it supports your NIC; the modem is just another network device within your network. Conceivably, malware could toggle the network connection on and off, but I don't know any which does that. I don't know of a mechanical switch for Ethernet, though.
  9. I remember upgrading Ubuntu 5.04 to 5.10 with dial-up. It took about 700MB distributed along a few weekends (at least here in Brazil, phone calls pay a flat rate on weekends, otherwise it is a small amount/minute - I don't remember how much, as I now use my landline only for ADSL). I also downloaded quite a few Linux ISOs and a good amount of music with dial-up.
  10. Often I have a schematic on one screen and circuit board (or code, if I'm working with a microcontroller) on another. Or, when doing programming, an editor/terminal on one and a bunch of PDFs/documentations/papers on another.
  11. None of the DOS/Windows versions are free. Save yourself the trouble and get some Linux distribution if you wish a free OS.
  12. As said already, Ethernet modems will work as any network device, they need no device drivers. But most ones have a power button (at least the one that my phone company provided has), or as a last resort you can just unplug the power cord or the network cable from it.
  13. My Dying Bride – Catherine Blake
  14. Probably netcat is already available in the repositories of your distro... However, Fedora 9 is quite old now.
  15. "The Obsessive Devotion" by Epica.