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  1. Win95 do not tolerate the bad code, so don't search for errors on system's side. I noticed that when i move mouse over toolbar it causes that application redraw everything, it's a sign that there is some bad code in.
  2. Interrupt conflicts on Virtual Machine? Games without sound? Commercial Fixes? Really? Did you even read what the man who ask the question said? ->
  3. Yo getting this BSOD because app is not properly modified. Here is what you should do: 1. Redirect GetLongPathNameA To GetShortPathNameA and save changes. 2. Redirect TrackMouseEvent (USER32.DLL) To _TrackMouseEvent (COMCTL32.DLL) and save changes. 3. Now open the app in HEX editor and rename GetLongPathNameA to LocalCompact. 4. rename TrackMouseEvent to PaintDesktop and save changes.
  4. No! For Win98SE DMA is disabled by default, but when you install drivers for motherboard usually it will offer an option to enable DMA automatically. If DMA is not enabled it causes stuttering in games and other slowdowns. In Win95 and Win98 First Edition there is no such problems.
  5. Probably because 1. Did you use new DLL? 2. When you add dll to app did you rebuild Import Table?
  6. Ok. Download the DLL again. 1.Import it to app. 2.Open app in OllyDbg. 3.Search for: All referenced text strings. 4. Find text: "Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\DockState_PRO". 5. Double click on first line (to follow in disassembler). 6. Look around and you will see this "MOV EDI,DWORD PTR DS:[<&ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueExA]". 7. Redirect it to MyRegQueryValueExA. 8. Search for: All referenced text strings. 9. Find text: "Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\DockState_PRO". 10. Double click on second line (to follow in disassembler). 11. Look around and you will see this "CALL DWORD PTR DS:[<&ADVAPI32.RegSetValueExA>]". 12. Redirect it to MyRegSetValueExA. 13. Save all changes. Start the app. Enjoy!
  7. Use CFF Explorer to import the DLL. Use fileinsPEctor only to find addresses...
  8. Try this MyAdvapi.7z
  9. In fact, it's very easy to solve this problem, these are some basic things. Just need to intercept these functions: RegSetValueEx And RegQueryValueEx Write your replacement fuctions for which it will check the function arguments IF (lpValueName is NULL or Empty String) AND dwType is REG_BINARY Then specify some name for lpValueName e.g "MyBinaryData" and call the RegSetValueEx/RegQueryValueEx with your arguments. ELSE Call the RegSetValueEx/RegQueryValueEx with application defined arguments. Put these replacement functions into DLL, import the DLL in your application and redirect aplication calls to RegSetValueEx/RegQueryValueEx to you new replacement functions as i show in my video -> and problem is solved.
  10. MSDN -> RegSetValueEx:
  11. I just cheked it about 1hour ago and i saw that it does not use that function from user32.dll so, forward exported functions and additional dlls are not needed for foxit reader.
  12. Of course i am sure! And i don't know why you need that dll1.dll for foxit reader? It does not use TrackMouseEvent from user32.dll it uses it from comctl32.dll
  13. Probably because you change size of application. Overwrite name letter by letter! Do not use insert / copy&paste method! And it must be NULL terminated string 54 72 61 63 6B 4D 6F 75 73 65 45 76 65 6E 74 00 00 - TrackMouseEvent 50 61 69 6E 74 44 65 73 6B 74 6F 70 00 00 00 00 00 - PaintDesktop
  14. That's because missing function is still in the imports list, you need to "open" your application into HEX editor and rename this missing function to name of some unused function from user32.dll for example "PaintDesktop" or some other unused function, and that will do the trick.