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  1. Unknown Device Identifier It's v9.01 But version that really works on 9x systems is v5.02 and it's on webarchive
  2. Why do you think so? If you follow this philosophy then you may consider it is illegal to use win95 or win98 or win2k or winxp or vista because is discontinued. This software is still available on their public download site It's trial version, but you can purchase a license and generate keys.
  3. 7Zip v16.02 compiled for 9x Some parts failed (7zipInstall.exe and Uninstall.exe) so you have to create shortcuts manually...
  4. What is interesting to me is that nobody notice it until now. It shows up if you have IE v5.0.2919.6307 or greater and "Active Dektop" enabled. I found a similar solution years ago because to me it was very annoying but I've never published it because it seems that nobody cares about that popup.
  5. 82.16 Here is original, unmodified and signed by nvidia:
  7. Do you know anything about winworld?
  9. Thank you guys
  10. Of course I read the entire topic and post 15 but the link for version 5.0 is dead. You can check it if you do not trust me, I think that there is no reason for anger.
  11. Hi people! Can some1 tell me where can i download Connectix Virtual PC 5.0 Trial ? I realy need this and i searching like a maniac for this file (VPC_50_Trial.exe) but all links are dead.