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  1. Hi...guys i have a 320gb sata hdd it is showing lba error. i have connected the rs232 to the hdd as given when i have give the power to hdd it responded 0x08M pls give me information what to do? thanks
  2. Hi Gradius ...... Thank you for your valuable information.... my hdd is affected by 0lba error known by your information when i have connected my sata (ST3320813AS) hard drive when i have connected to the serial port i have got a message Rst 0x08M in the terminal i have attatched the image pls find After the i hav followed i hav give the commands given by you and no response waited for half an hour still it is having the same problem visible in BIOS and showing 0MB
  3. hi.. i have a ST3320812as barracuda 7200.11 hdd. my drive had a 0LBA error.visible in BIOS and showing 0MB i have followed the instructions give for 0lba error but when i connected my hdd to power i have got a message Rst 0x08M even then i have given F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 comand but no response waited for about 20min.....