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  1. Hello everyone! I am happy to find a forum that addresses XP Media Center Edition 2005! It also has "Rollup 2" on the disk but the OS has been updated to SP3. I'm having odd problems with my computer and first tried the sfc /scannow and that didn't work; files were missing but I think (I can check) that I got an error that it was the wrong version of the disk. It is the disk issued with the computer; I'm not sure what the problem is. However, frustrated enough now, I decided to do a repair of the system. I received an error message that the OS I am running is newer than the OS on the disk. I am not sure exactly where to go with this; it has been suggested that I slipstream SP3 with this Media Center Edition Rollup 2 however I don't have a clue as to whether that is correct and I do need instructions although I did create a slipstreamed disc for XP Pro a few years back. I have run every scan possible to look for a virus, etc but am coming up clear. When I thought about it, I do not have a recovery disk either. How is that made for XP MCE? I have purchased another hard drive and am in the process of deciding which each will do and if I have to reinstall the system I should be okay but I'll have to sit through the XP3 update and all the rest since. What do you suggest I do to REPAIR my OS? I do not want to reinstall or do a format and a fresh install yet at least! Thank you for your time. cs.