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  1. A friend reports he was able to get Seagate to agree to repair it with data intact no charge. I'm going to push it. I'll keep you guys updated.
  2. I've got a ST3500320AS that just stopped working suddenly. I came to my PC to find "delayed write failed". I reconnected the drive and it didn't recognize at all. Restarted computer and same. When I plug the power in, the drive spins up, clicks a few times, then motor turns off. No grinding noise. Never been dropped, or knocked over. The computer does not even acknowledge the drive. I tore apart the Freeagent Desktop to find this drive inside. It's a SD35 firmware and its got a rectangular board. I didn't pay close enough attention and kept trying to talk to the drive from RS232 straight and though protocol is same, it requires TTL, so I ordered Nokia CA-42 knock off. Read that one is a hit and miss, so I ordered a proper Maxim IC based RS232 to TTL converter as well. By a means of using a shim, it says to isolate the contacts to spindle motor on page 6 of this thread. On YouTube, it says to isolate the head/data connection. Which one am I supposed to do?