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  1. I'm not sure if I got this in the right place, please move if I do not. Ok I have a fully working unattended install of Windows 2000. After the install is complete I can go to add and remove programs no problem. As soon as I install Internet explorer (done multiple times) add/remove programs spits out mhsta.exe error and there is an explorer error after reboot (which I can get past). Not only that but a system file check will not run. It does pop a command prompt for a brief second then just stops. Also running from a command prompt does the same thing. Any help is greatly appreciated. If you need more info just let me know
  2. I run my user batch file under guirunonce so that I know all groups have been made that I've specified and so on. That and I add domain accounts to the admin account so I have to run it at gui. I'll try to think of more things. Later
  3. Only things I can think of is to check spelling for the user name. Or useraccounts cmd may be running at the wrong time during setup. Just more thoughts... quick ones to. Heh hope any of this helps!
  4. Another idea for the computer name is since windows computer names are always in capitals... you may wanna change the Computername=COMPUTER instead of computer or whatever. I ran into a similar problem with the product key letters not being in caps. Just an idea.
  5. Emperor- The Warriors of Modern Death Metal rules
  6. Thanks for the help folks but I had already found out it was the qchain.exe. I had been running it from svc. After changing the way I did hotfixes that disappeared and I narrowed down which one it was. But of course I ran into another problem but thats neither here nor there. Well I guess its here on the unattended forum heh
  7. After finally getting the correct switches for directx9.0c and all programs, my unattended installation makes it all the way to the last thing. Directx installation. After this is finished I get a bunch of error messages i.e. systemroot\system32\drivers\mskssrv.sys cannot find kscachemedium in ks.sys, mpe.sys in kfreleasespinlock and so on. Streamip, stream and a couple others. Does this have to do with the fact that directX is installed when no sound card is detected? (Its installed before device drivers.) If so... or if anyone has an idea please post. All suggestions are taken into consideration.
  8. I would just like to say thank you to jito and jdoe. Jito for being the first to respond and jdoe for giving me the info that something was trying to actually extract it self and didn't have anything to do with the regular windows installation. I found out one of my hotfixes didn't have the necessary switches to completely install silently. So thanks again!!
  9. Actually I don't have a cmdline at all. I tried changing the hotfixes to see if something in there was getting extracted and that wasn't it. I have no drivers. Only two applications are installed during unattended but of course thats in guirunonce. Also attempted to redo the entire thing from scratch and still got the popup during install. Stupid thing!
  10. I don't believe I have anything in there. I will have to check on monday. What components are registered during that part of installation.?
  11. Still hoping someone could figure out why. Just a repeat on the problem. Prompt pops up while setup is registering components and says Choose directory for extracted files. Much appreciate to whoever replies. Thanks
  12. Thank you so much mazin.... thats exactly what I was looking for..... perfect... your a life saver!!!!
  13. Thanks for the post. I had already found this one and attempted it and it did not work. At the moment I have been trying different variations of these. I was more are less trying to find an exact line but thats ok. Thanks anyways
  14. Nope didn't work.... got to the same screen "performing final tasks" --> registers components and comes up with Choose Directory for Extracted files. Darn the luck Your continued help is appreciated!
  15. Gonna try that right now. I had the quotes around there from before because I was trying to figure it out myself before asking