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  1. Thanks guys. It worked for me by covering the head. The hdd is now detected by bios. I will check now if the data is untouched, but it should be. I really appreciate your help and effort. Many thanks!
  2. It is a ST3500620AS drive. Maybe it will make a difference to cover the head and not the motor during the first steps. What do you think?
  3. Thanks so far guys. I repowered, but when I restart the drive, I get the "LED:000000CC FAddr:002490D" Message in the terminal. Seems like this is a problem for HP drives (I got one with the HP24 firmware on it). So I cannot access the drive. I just can disconnect the PCB again and do all the steps from the start, but it still get stuck after the last step. Any ideas on that?
  4. You are right, I didn't do that. Ok, you are talking about powering down by removing the SATA Power Cable, right? I thought it is not recommended to that if you get stuck within the last step.
  5. Hi guys, just tried to unbrick my Seagate drive. I got stuck after the last step. I put in "m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22" and am now waiting for more then 15 Minutes, but there is no output. What can I do?