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  1. Hi inighthawki Thanks, I got it now. Ok, I am going back to windows 7 and there will be no more win8 or 8.1 themes from me.
  2. @PandaX Will it be possible to use the areo.msstyle from windows 8, If/when UXStyle is released for Windows 8.1 and have the white text glow?
  3. Yes, it does. I not sure why. But, sometimes when starting up my computer when the theme is applied, those dialog boxes about .dll incompatibilities uses the WINDOWS CLASSIC theme. Other times, it reverts back to the last used theme. It might be due to a glitch in your true taskbar blur code, but I'm not sure since I am not good of programming except for batch file programming (if that counts). Could anyone make a custom theme resource using the features of the Consumer/Developer Preview theme? I realy liked that theme. Hi WindowsOS You can tryout this theme Picture of the theme is here:
  4. Blur still not working with beta 0,85
  5. Where is the blur????????????????????????
  6. If you are using a custom theme, you can modify it with wsb Change OPACITY from 20 to 50 or what you want.
  7. The AppInit_DLLs gives a yellow warning with source:Wininit Event ID 11 Is there a way/workaround to avoid this?
  8. Hi MrGRiM Do you have a link for your/this theme?
  9. Hi bigmuscle The thin white border I believe you are talking about, it's alfa value on the active border/window is 255 and 254 on the inactive border/window. I don't know if this may help you. I would like to know if your program needs/use this? If so, and you don't have another way to create areo transparent+ blur, I believe I must adjust my own custom theme. Regards Luke7
  10. Hi Bigmuscle Are you running your computer with Nvidia graphics? None of your versions have been working for me. I am on a Radeon HD7970 Windows crash after opening 2-4 windows