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  1. Don`t mean to change the subject or highjack thread here, been trying to get this going for ages and normally would just keep trial an erroring/reading threw posts to figure it out but I just got out of hospital from an ulcer that bout bled me to death so you`d be literally saving me from another transfusion if yall could help a brother out here. My question is about directly mapping first 4gb boot partition to ram, first is it possible ? and what would the menu.ist look like ? I got my win 7 pro x64 trimmed down perfect with everything installed I plan to use at 3.5gb and have been having hell of a time trying to get it up and running in ram via .img or .vhd so if its possible I can just boot this sucker up with firadisk installed, skip the whole image creation, and map the partition in grub I would really appreaciate a tip on what grub commands I`d need to do so. thanks if you fellas can help