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  1. AMD R9 280x (3GB VRAM) works fine on XP SP3 (but some - mostly unused - features are not supported)
  2. Hi! OS is Windows XP SP2 (english) hdaudres.dll = KB888111 patched at offset 110h; original: 00,00; new: 64,86 npdsplay.dll = KB911564 patched at offset 160h; original: 00,00,00; new: 61,8F,06 Date difference is because at patching nLite sets the current date. I made the date set back, but +1 minute compared to original. Tripredacus: I'm sorry.
  3. nLite always patches some files: syssetup.dll (to disable checking of signed INF files) sfcfiles.dll (to disable checking of (potentially) patched files, eg. syssetup.dll, tcpip.sys, uxtheme.dll,...) hdaudres.dll - why? npdsplay.dll - why? Can anyone tell my, why these files are patched? (I included these 2 files in original and in patched form in one zip file.)