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  1. I made DirectX full package 2010 June version for Windows 2000. You can get it from my blog It also supports XInput , XACT and XAudio2. What a greate job! It's works very well! :thumbup
  2. I have finded a real DirectX 9.0c Full Pack for Win2000, it is made by BlackWingCat too. It can be installed very easy! The best one, the real working one! You can check this from his blog. FileName: dxJun2010w2kb.exe Version: DirectX 9.0c 2010(June) last update: 2011/01/27 Download: 58.1M Language: Multi Description: DirectX9.0c + Extension for Windows2000 Download:
  3. I am waiting for simplified chinese V8 !
  4. Great Job!
  5. Very usefull ! Nice job! But how can I install it? Can you give me a copy of DX installer?