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  1. I honestly don't know if it did completely, but it did help. I'm going to post how the same issue just happened again today. - Since I've installed the driver, it has calmed down considerably, but I lost so much work time I did not want to test it until I had time. - I just did a Windows upgrade and it locked my laptop at 100% for about an hour or so after the intsall and reboot. It has finally calmed down. - I'm also downloading another updated NVIDIA driver and will see if that makes a difference. If there are still issues, I will post the files here for your review again. In my opinion it is the driver, but full testing will be done to confirm that in a couple days. - t
  2. So far I have not had the problem happen again, but I will run a few more tests and post issues here. My apologies for the delay in posting and I'll do more thorough testing next week. Otherwise there have been no 100% CPU issues for a week. Thank you very much! - Tom
  3. Thank you. I downloaded the driver v275.33 It appeared to work a little better but went back to CPU100% after I opened one tab in Chrome and viewed a CNN video. I would like to test in IE and FF but it takes about 20 minutes before the CPU comes back down I haven't done it yet. I will this evening. Currenlty I only have Chrome (to write this) and Windows Live Mail open. Running 57 - 90% for about 15 mins, then just dropped to 8. I am a web developer so I look at a lot of sites and if one of them happens to have a flash movie on it, I lock up. Thx. - Tom
  4. Here's the second .etl file: (10mb zipped)
  5. That worked. Thx. Here's my test: - Open Chrome Browser - Go to and play a video and waited about 1 minute for CPU to hit 100% - Captured a .etl file for two instances. Instance 1 = Playing video in browser then pausing Instance 2 = Closing Chrome tab for video .etl files are large so I have only attached screen shots of these. Once I finish this post I will zip and post the smaller file (55 MB) if you wish to see it. I stopped my video test approx. 25 mins ago and the CPU is still at 100% or very close to it, so it is very slow zipping and FTPing a file. Attached are four files: Capture_1a = Summary table from Instance #1 Capture_1b = Summary table with Chrome.exe expanded Capture_2a = Summary table from instance #2 Capture_2b = Expanded You'll notice Task manager is open as well and I did this to monitor CPU but Task Manager also locked up and required reboot twice while getting the .etl files. I'll post a zip location of the smaller etl if you want to view this. Thank you.
  6. Hi - I've been searching for a while trying to solve the same issue and your forum seems to be the most proficient and your response prompt. Issue: - Laptop CPU 100% typically when viewing videos or flash, but I cannot always confirm this is the cause. Typically though while in a browser. - Dell Laptop (detail below) recently upgraded to Win 7 64 - Same issue happened on Vista and I thought the upgrade would take care of it - Disabled Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and didn't seem to work - Unplugged monitor (Hannspree HDMI) because I thought it was a driver issue, didn't have a long-term effect. Laptop: Dell Studio Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6500 @ 2.1 Ghz RAM 3 GB DDR3 Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 I have downloaded the SDK and installed but the xperf command shows as invalid. I have read the post in Nov. 2010 with this " PATH environment variable and check if the path to the WPT was added". How do you check this variable/path? I have changed the registry key as you instructed for 64 bit Win 7. If I can run your commands I will post the issue here for your evaluation if I cannot figure it out. Thank you in advance. - t