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  1. Thank you all for your feedback, I'll let you know how I get on shortly! Dave
  2. Hi, Firstly - thank you to all who have contributed - I hope I'm not going over old ground by posting... I presumed I had the BSY fault on a 7200.11 here - it seemed to fit, so purchased one of these - USB - TTL Adapter It arrived and all went well - I got it hooked up to the drive using an old ATX PSU for my power source. I ended up with the 'gibberish' in Hyperterminal, read the forums and figured it must be the GND issue as I hadn't connected the PSU ground to the HDD ground and the ground on the TTL board. I connected it all up - and the CTRL-Z doesn't work at all. I've tried going back to how it was when I had gibberish and it doesn't work at all! I've tried it with the motor and head connectors isolated - nothing! When the PSU is connected to just the drive, the motor spins up. I've checked the continuity on the TX / RX lines and it appears ok. I've used the 3.3 line and the 5v line for a power source - when doing the loopback test it appears more responsive on 5v than 3.3v but connected to the drive I get nothing! Any thoughts? Thanks Dave