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  1. Thanks for your replies I edited the image again and again .make it smaller ,but always the close button and next button alignment is always going out of the image This image is from VMWare that i used to test the setup dvd
  2. custom image has the same resolution that the orginal image have 640x480 i changed my image little bit smaller than the default image but the result is always same like the preview
  3. Hi guys i have a problem with this image ,look at the image the close button is not showing in proper way i tried editing the image by making it small ,but every time its failed please anybody help me what i did wrong?
  4. I did evrything like integrated boot screen,logonui ,winntbbu.dll Now i want to change the colour of first welcome screen comes after the installation complete That asking for activate window,creating user account ..that window..i think it is msoob.exe Can you guide me which file i have to edit in i386 folder to change the colour of the activating windows screen