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  1. Hi! If someone from Spain or Latin América is interested, this is a spanish "start button" for "Windows XP Theme". To replace the default "Start" english button, follow this steps: 1. If you are using the standard XP Theme with english start button, just change to another theme for some minutes. 2. Rename the default english button, usually located at "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\Windows XP" from "BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP.bmp" to something else, like "BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP_ENG.bmp" 3. Download this bitmap file containing the spanish button and place it in the "...Resources\Themes\Windows XP" directory. BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP.bmp 4. From RPConfig, go back to "Windows XP Theme". Now the "Start" button is in spanish: it says "Inicio". Marcelo.