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  1. It probably also measures the read/write speed of the memory. If those Xeons required ECC registered memory like I think they need, then that would explain the scores.
  2. *Nevermind*
  3. In addition to that, the 7900 will have 32 pixel pipelines, as opposed to the 7800GTX's 24. If I know any better, there will be a huge price gouge when this comes out, probably nearing or surpassing $1000 USD. Pffft.
  4. With that setup you should be scoring 6200+ easily. Make sure you have the latest drivers and not running 50+ processes in the background.
  5. Straight from the horse's mouth: (Read #15)
  6. The X1300/1600 does not require a master card to work in Crossfire. You can simply grab two X1300s or 1600s off a shelf and run them in Crossfire from the get-go. The X1800s and X800/850 are the only ones that needs a master card.
  7. 400 HTT? Man thawt sounds extremely high. Download CPU-Z and get a snapshot of the main tab.
  8. That looks pretty sweet for a freeware game. I'll try it out, thanks!
  9. Yeah, I'm running at a mediocre 238x11 (2618) right now. My RAM sticks are really holding the CPU back, and I'm pretty sure of that because I've attempted suicide boot-ups before, and it'll make it into Windows but will crash after an hour or so. If the CPU was at its limit, it would have crash instantly. I'm planning on picking up some DDR500 2x1GB sticks and hope I can nail 2.8+ GHz on 24/7 operations. Unfortunately the X800XL is at its limit, so I'm going to say I get 5700-5800 3DMark05 scores. Still haven't decide on what I want, that's why I haven't upgrade yet.
  10. Impressive! So did you managed to get that X1800XL past XT speeds? Any plans for aftermarket cooling solutions for it?
  11. Silverstone, Delta and Vantec makes fans that are capble of pushing 70+ CFM. The question: Is noise a concern for you? While the aforementioned fan can move the required amount of air, they are loud. Having 1 or 2 alone is capable of making your computer sound like a vacuum cleaner.
  12. Planning to overclock? Go with the Opteron. Not overclocking? The San Diego.
  13. You're making a lot of assumptions and comparison with a system that hasn't even come out yet.