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  1. Processor: Pentium II 400MHz (Not Overclocked) Memory: 192 MB PC100 SDRAM DVD Drive: Toshiba 4.8x DVD-ROM Drive CD Burner: Sony 8/4/32x CD Burner Hard Drive 1: Western Digital 5400 RPM 4 GB Hard Drive 2: Western Digital 5400 RPM 30 GB Hard Drive Controller: Promise Ultra ATA66 Controller Card Network Card: 3Com 3C900B Video Card: NVidia TNT Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster Live MP3+ Operating System: Windows XP please dont laugh
  2. when osama bin laden is killed and goes to heaven then I'll buy XP
  3. wierd. I have XP Pro corp with an SB Live MP3+ card and it works fine in XP. In fact, XP installed its default driver and it works fine. Try installing the win2k driver for the card, that might work
  4. I had those problems too. Im using a delay starter to delay the start of ZA 5 seconds and that got rid of the problems
  5. hi. in XP, how do I disable it from popping up those messages by my system tray telling me to update XP? thanx
  6. what does disable allow running in background do?
  7. hi. How do I prevent windows messenger from automatically signing me in every time I start XP or at least make it ask me for my password every time? thanx