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  1. Thanks for your message! I know, that there is lot of unfilled entries (e.g. RevisionLevel in CDROMDRIVE - I want to detect FW of drive and here shoul be - I must to extract it from DeviceID). I will try to do with chipset some things you describe. It is strange - everything is in operating system, OS is detecting it succesfully, but not provide..
  2. Thanks cluberti, I already tried these two things. But nowhere is Chipset name. This is, what I need to determine. Maybe with help of other component/code. But I seek entire WMI and not found exact way, how to determine it
  3. Hi All, I would like to ask you, how can I detect chipset type of motherboard. I haven`t found this info in WMI. Resp. I found some in Win32_PNPEntity, but on every PC I have different models, so I cannot grab name from exact position. Can somebody help me, how or where discover, what kind of chipset is used (Intel 945 or VIA....). Thanks a lot.