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  1. Thanks Kullenen_Ask Worked as you suggested Exported system\controlsetXXX\control\productoptions key Applied the reg key to custom system hive booted WinPE and themes worked
  2. Personalization When i use right click menu and go to personalize This page is not available in this edition of windows i have all files needed from Win 7 Pro Netsvcs > themes LocalSystemNetworkRestricted > UxSms Services are started in PE... loaded from virtual box Themes are started but then stop after desktop update then i have a black wallpaper logging in as system Winpeshl.ini ux.exe explorer.exe
  3. Thanks for the information Successfully booted Winpe with Explorer.exe (GUI support) Thanks for your help Kellenen_Ask - Very much appreciated Currently working on services and theme support Logging in as Administrator i read ur posts but i have not seen any information on logging in as different users can this be set in the registry
  4. kullenen_ask and wimb Guys i have been trying to add a custom clid.reg created using kullenen_ask method in post 71 i think it was. After i import the reg and boot the sistem i receive a bsod with stop error: c000021a okay now without adding the reg and changing winpeshl.ini to start wpeinit.exe winpe boots up CMD runs then the system reboots. Any idea on the blue screen i am using dart as the base boot.wim i understand that the clid.reg is needed for explorer.exe to work as windows shell This is how i created the clid replaced all d:\ (hex entries as well) with x:\ and removed runas=interactive user What is used to launch the explorer