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  1. I know this thread is old but I thought I would update everyone with my successful results that result in what I had been hoping for. The ability to set the network private automatically. The details that sp00f posted from the doc update do work once you decypher what it is saying. Basically you need to get your sysprep file the way you want it then run the sysprep utility with the generalize switch. This time though instead of reboot or shutdown, choose the "Quit" option. This will get the system prepped but leave the machine on. At this point the Key mentioned in the workaround will not exist so you will need to create it from scratch. Then you will need to add the other values. So, key name: FirstNetwork String Value: NetworkName with a string value. I used "Work" in mine. DWord Value: Category with a value of 1 for private (many other people have been using 0) String Value: IconPath with a value from the list. I chose the office Icon. Also when I added the value, I did not include the quotes around the icon, if you do it will not find the right icon. I have also attached a reg file that has the values. Hope this helps someone. Spent half my day figuring it out. FirstNetwork.reg