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  1. I did notice the umpnpmgr.dll via process explorer, but everything looks to be OK in device manager. It's a laptop with no hardware modifications to the original configuration. Is there a way to isolate Umpnpmgr to determine what's hooked it into that behavior?
  2. Thank you MagicAndre1981 for your work. I've been able to follow the outlined steps and troubleshooting tips you've given others. My CPU utilization problem originated sometime several months ago and gradually got worse. Upon boot, the system would hang for 2-4 minutes @ 100% CPU load. Once that worsened to ~20 minutes I'd had enough. I was able to stop the lock-up upon boot by eliminating MSFT Security Essentials in favor of AVG, but the CPU is still taxed for quite some time upon boot. If you have a minute, please put eyes on my ETL file, as I can't for the life of me determine which of these threads is the cause. They all seem like system processes native to the OS. Perhaps you'll have better luck. I appreciate your assistance in advance. latency.etl: