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  1. UPDATE 2: Seagate replied that my drive does not need to be updated. Version SD46 and was not affected by the issue discussed in this thread. Amazing... I guess it never happened. It must have been a bad dream. Ed
  2. UPDATE: I successfully recovered my drive using all the information on this post. Thanks very much to everyone. Only problem... there is no update available for my firmware. I have firmware version SD46 which isn't on the updateable list. Seagate website says to "contact us". Anyway, backed up the drive and installed a new Western Digital. All is good. Thanks again. Ed
  3. Thanks. I will try the orange cable first. Parts are arriving tomorrow so I have my fingers crossed. Will report back.. Ed
  4. Hello, I'm another victim of the 7200.11 problem. 750GB OEM with my Gateway so out of luck. Drive is not seen in BIOS. I don't have a computer with serial ports so I ordered the following two adapters. Can anyone tell me if these will do the trick or not? USB to serial adapter Serial to TTL adapter I obviously will hook up these up in "series" so to speak. Any help or experience will be appreciated. Thanks. Ed