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  1. thank you for your quick reply. Yes. I have a ST31000333AS Barracuda 7200.11 and it seems affected by the firmware bug. The BIOS sees the hard disk, but not always, and only if it attached not as "SATA 1". When the HD is recognized by the BIOS appears the correct dimension (1 TB). But, in the subsequent window (before the OS start) appears the phrase "capable and status BAD".. Ok, the scenario is not easy.. maybe the best solution is to send the hd in centre for recover the data (non economic solution.. unfortunately!) any suggestions? why to change the PCB isn't a good solution? ciao Paolo edit: I tried with the firmware updating. The tool recognizes the HD, but, the procedure doesn't work. An errorr appears and the PC turn off. sigh.
  2. Hi everybody.. I have some problem.. Any suggestions / solutions? Maybe.. could to change the PCB be a good idea? thank you Paolo