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  1. Network cards probably should work too.
  2. jumper, I'm really waiting for this feature. Keep doing a good work!
  3. Yes, RT2070 seems to be similar to RT2870, but without "802.11n" support. 'A5AGU9x.sys' yep, it's Atheros driver, WUA-2340 model number has been recycled. I'm trying to find oldest ralink driver for RT2870 (found, but while it's NDIS5.0 and have "$Chicago$" signature, it doesn't have any W9x entries in inf. Funny enough, I specialy bought adapter without 802.11n in hope it will work with W98
  4. jds, can you please tell, which ralink card are you using? I'm trying get to work ralink rt2070, but still no sucess.