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  1. Key - thanks for the recommendation. From what I can tell imaging technology is the means to deliver the image of the sysprep'd baseline to target systems. Is that right? What about imaging solutions that have a restore to any hardware functionality? Are they worth investigation? rickj
  2. I'm involved in a project that requires an XP configuration to be installed on 5 different models of Dell laptops. A specific set of security settings must be the same with each install as well some applications. Tools which might achieve this include: Sysprep and nLite. There are perhaps others. The high level process I'd like to pursue is: - Build a baseline system with applications, security settings, etc. - Use tools and processes to create an installation CD/DVD with drivers for the 5 models of laptops - Install on laptops I'm looking for recommendations that I have not considered. So far, I've considered Sysprep and nLite and ruled out imaging because I don't have the expensive versions that support disparate hardware. Open to ideas and suggestions. Thanks, rickj