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  1. Good job getting your 4 TB hard hard drive to work under Windows XP! Hard drives can be formatted with the exFAT file system of up to 32 MB clusters at 2 ^ 32 sectors for a maximum total of 128 PB (144,115,188,075,855,872 bytes) which is also the maximum for the LBA-48 specification. Currently, there are no software tools or hard drives to overcome the 128 PB barrier at this time.
  2. Thank you for pointing that out. I'll take a look at these articles.
  3. That sounds like a giid idea. Any idea how can a sparse file on a NTFS volume can be created?
  4. The VHD are actually dynamic to conserve disk space. Speaking of WinImage, why does the software have some hiccups when it comes to read/write operations? It hasn't been updated since April 2013.
  5. ^_^ By the way, if I want to open individual participants rather than mounting the whole virtual hard disk image (VHD), I can always use ImDisk. I got Windows Search disabled before on Vista and I did it again on Windows 8.1.
  6. I already prevented the System Volume Information folder from being written to a USB drive. It had nothing to do with preventing the System Volume Information folder to being automatically written to an attached VHD. What I did was to disable Windows Search in Administrative Tools under Services. That way whenever I attach a VHD, the "\System Volume Information" folder won't be written anymore.
  7. Does anyone have any idea on how to stop File Explorer from automatically creating the "\System Volume Information" on VHD hard disk images that are mounted as a drive? I have a MS-DOS FAT formatted VHD that were created in Virtual PC 2007 when I was on Windows Vista for nearly three years. MS-DOS 6.22 and below only supports the FAT partition and has no support for long file names at all. If I try to attach the VHDs with one click using File Explorer, the "\System Volume Information" gets automatically written to the attached VHD and it ends up corrupting the volume label when running MS-DOS on VPC 2007 or Hyper-V! Here's an example screenshot of what it looks like: The "\System Volume Information" is only used for System Restore points and in my opinion, it shouldn't be created when another internal hard drive doesn't have a System Restore point enabled. Is there a way to stop File Explorer from automatically creating the "System Volume Information" folder to the attached VHD?
  8. Hello! Is there a way to get the Windows Mail (desktop app) working in Windows 8.1 Pro? I tried executing the Windows Mail desktop app from Windows Vista, but it somehow doesn't seem to work. I searched everywhere regarding getting Windows Mail desktop app to work in Windows 8.1, but no dice. I even tried to download the required components to get Windows Mail working from this page, but I'm required to register. Any thoughts? I'm sorry if I'm not providing enough information. Update: I finally got Windows Mail working on Windows 8.1! One of the Brazillian contributors decided to get Windows Mail installed with just one clock: https://www.eightforums.com/browsers-mail/3698-how-use-winmail-windows-8-a-10.html#post397917
  9. Thank you so much! ^^
  10. I would like to make a final update in this thread and the good news is that everything has been resolved! I got Windows 8.1 Pro working on my computer. I had to install the drivers for the NETGEAR WNDA3100v3 N600 USB adapter first and then when the drivers were loaded, Windows 8.1 was automatically activated! Now that I can rest easy for a while. I do a lot of business buying products on eBay and dealing with a counterfeit Windows 7 Ultimate product was really stressful on me and I sure hope that I don't go through this mess anymore!
  11. Secure Boot is just too troublesome for legacy OSes even for Windows 8 and Windows 10. By the way, the counterfeit Windows 7 Ultimate has been sent back to the seller for a refund of $79! I don't think its possible to leave negative feedback since the seller doesn't have anything on sale on his eBay account anymore. Besides that, I ordered Windows 8.1 Pro (FQC-06913) off of eBay for $100 as a replacement Christmas president. Windows 8.1 should work in legacy mode and Secure Boot disabled.
  12. I don't think that you will ever be able to run Internet Explorer 11 nor the Trident 7 engine on Windows Vista. Internet Explorer 11 requires Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Internet Explorer 11 can also be installed on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.
  13. Are there any older versions of Windows Live Essentials for Windows Vista and Windows XP as well? I still have a copy somewhere on my USB hard drive.
  14. Windows doesn't do any weird stuff to the BIOS at all. I went to the BIOS setup and disabled UEFI secure boot: http://www.technorms.com/45538/disable-enable-secure-boot-asus-motherboard-uefi-bios-utility When I installed Windows Vista, I had to select Other OS. When I used Legacy OPROM features on the devices installed, Windows 8 would no longer work and would BSOD and that when I installed the OS that I'm still using today. Because the primary boot hard drive was GPT, I wound up deleting the partition and in Windows setup, recreated the partition as a MBR. It's possible to convert a MBR partition to GPT, but you have to have at least Windows Vista SP1 installed. Using a GPT partition is only truly necessary if you have a 2.5 TB hard disk or larger.
  15. Thank you for telling me. I would choose FQC-06913.