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  1. Well... would it be _that_ hard to stick to every Release the (Windows OS) system requirements? == NO Information about that, at all == NO Information about that, at all. == Ah, no Win98se... but maybe NT4? and so on... Whats about Windows 2000? Which Service Packs? Need of .NET... and so on... Every random Downloadpage on the www say differently too... And i dont want to must first download a file to looks in his readme.txt... And i dont want to rely on Consumer Informations or random Google... So, i think thats NOT a tall order to request clear Statements about this issue from the Developers... to every Releas... on there own Mainsites. Oh and pleez as a easy Eyecatcher and not deep buried in a dozen Changelog/Versionhistory... Thank You and Bye.