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  1. I actually prefer the Windows 2000 UI. This isn't for me, though. This is for someone else's PC that I maintain. Thanks
  2. I dont' get it. What is actually your goal? I mean "update" WHICH system to WHICH other system visual looks? jaclaz *doh* Sorry for the confusion! NT4 Visual Update uses resources from XP and Vista, so I was wondering if there was a program that did the same for Windows 2000. Basically, a Vista style look for Windows 2000.
  3. I was just wondering if there was a similar project to NT4 Visual Update for Windows 2000. Thanks
  4. Windows NT4 Visual Update | Awergh Download Links for v. 3 RC1 Workstation with Standard Shell [[Download here]] Workstation with Shell Update [[Download here]] Server [[Download here]]
  5. I installed gurglemeyer's 5.1 without the hotfix after. It seems to be powering my usb devices just fine. If I have problems, I will apply the fixes. Any other updates you strongly recommend?
  6. Thank you for the incredibly timely response. I have heard that the 5.1 Unofficial service pack has some problems with USB drivers. Will these adversely affect my USB usage on this system? On this computer, I use a USB keyboard and mouse, and occasionally a USB printer and external hard drive.
  7. I just installed 2000 with sp4 (one of my favorite OSes ever) on an old compaq, and am wondering which updates to install, and in what order? I see uurollup, update rollup 2, unofficial sp 5.1, etc. and have no idea where to begin. A little guidance will be greatly appreciated. I am running Pro, and am not using it as a server (at least not yet: )
  8. Does it really matter? The browsers are so narrowly different from each other nowadays. I use Firefox because it is what I have been using for years.