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  1. have a look here. You could try that.
  2. MS explains same as your other post here
  3. MS explains
  4. Monarch Computers rock! Excellent HW for the buck and a bunch of great guys! I live abt 15 mins from them.
  5. Are you taking your PC?
  6. LOL- I know, was a joke. OK- thanks for the clarity. That's what I think too.
  7. actually, there is.... I use one for my SGI monitor. Monitor drivers are usually used for older monitors, newer monitors use the PnP Driver supplied by MS OS (depending on if 95/98/etc). WinXP will usually supply an adequate PnP driver (my SGI works fine with the PnP or the SGI-supplied driver). Older monitors needed drivers for color and resolution (you'll see .cat, .inf and .icm files). As for helping you, thedamned- sorry I can't be of much use here.
  8. sounds like a USB-only KB.... may not work via PS/2 *I'm remembering the days of the serial/PS2 mouse, when the mouse had to be both serial AND PS/2 compatible in order to use the converter. I still have one of these mouses (meeses?) for when I work on older PC's. **Another thought- power via USB as opposed to power via PS/2= same? IOW, isn't the power for USB greater than what a PS/2 port will deliver? Can't remember off-hand. Just some thoughts. HTH
  9. AVI2DVD also VSO DivXToDVD (last freeware version was 052- Google it!)
  10. heh-
  11. works here too! nice
  12. yes- but I recommend ATA133 at 7200 RPM (IDE) for speed. Slowest would be the ATA33, then 66, then 100. The faster the better (i.e. movies, CD/DVD burning, gaming, etc.) Use an 80-pin IDE cable as opposed to the older 40-pin (80-pin will work w/an ATA66/33 too). HTH
  13. from your link: NVIDIA nForce2 MCP-T * 2 x UltraDMA 133/100/66/33 * Silicon Image Sil 3112A RAID Controller: * 2 x Serial ATA * RAID 0, RAID1 IOW- ATA133/100/66/33 (IDE) or SATA
  14. LOL- me 2- not my words, just copy/paste from the site. Of course, the author's 2nd language (English) is so much better than my German (which is not my 2nd language).