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  1. Hello All! Need a little help. Just confussed what is the best try to make script to do what i want to do. I want to make a script: 1. ask a workstation name and set to the computer. 2. restart same. 3. if there is installed .net, go to next step, if isnt, install it... Is it possible to make script which would be in startup and do these first steps? Is it possible to make script which would be usable to test is it name of computer setups after restart? If using IF command how to check is there some folder or file and not having IFNOTEXIST... I'll made script with something like this: IF FILEEXIST("C:\Folder") then goto but there isnt goto command. If there is something like IF FILEnotEXIST("C:\Folder") it would be much easyer... Any help? My idea is to make script to make useable computer after driver installation. Setup workstation name, install .net, install messenger, Office, divx codecs, and at last join the workstation to domain...