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  1. Thank you very much for help! I hope that the startup will remain as fast as it is now.
  2. Wow! Amazingly, the Welcome screen now loads in 10 seconds, but this is achieved only after I have ran optimization and with Kaspersky disabled. What should I do with Kaspersky's AVP? I have Kaspersky on other computers, but it doesn't slow my computers down.
  3. Here is the new trace: http://ifile.it/2o036hc/trace.zip
  4. I uninstalled Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express and it asked me if i want to remove Sony media manager and i said yes. The service is now gone, but the Welcome Screen delay didn't improve at all.
  5. I remember installing Sony Media Manager, but I didn't use it so I uninstalled it a long time ago. I can see, thogh, the service SQL Server (SONY_MEDIAMGR2) and probably other SQL Express services, but how can I uninstlall them? I cannot find them in the Uninstall list (and I have a lot of SQL servers installed there)
  6. I've ran the optimization from the first post and i've noticed an improvement, but still, the Welcome screen takes about 1 minute to load, so i've uploaded the etl log. Link: http://ifile.it/cpvnilt/boot.zip
  7. Hello! I'm new here and i saw a lot of solved cases here, so I have decided to post my case too. I have a Dell Inspiton N7010 Laptop with a 5400rpm WD HDD and Windows 7 x64. The boot time is taking too long. I have to wait about 3 minutes until i can get to work. The Welcome Screen stays for about 2 minutes while the HDD led remains lit. A couple of months ago, I didn't have this problem. The Welcome screen took about 15 sec to load. If i disable all services through msconfig and boot, Windows loads very fast. I'm waiting for some suggestions...