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    Hi, I am newbie, too. By the way, are you J.W.? No!
  2. The biggest problem would be driver for win98, win95, and win 3.1.1, There are some very good free OS out there that are legal, and have drivers for the newer hardware, Ubuntu comes to mind also some games support the OS, if you play. Also Linux, which comes in several flavors. If you look around where you live there might be a computer store that has old computer parts for sell. I have like 3 here where I live. I've put several old systems to gather. My most expensive one was 65 dollars, that was Case, motherboard, 2Gigs mem, AGP Nvidia FX card with 64 MB, 80Gig HD, CD burner, 3 1/2 drive. Sound blaster Audigy, Speakers, Keyboard, and last but not least Mouse. All used, running under windows 98SE and also I have XP Pro so several are running dual OS
  3. Hi

    Hi every one!