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  1. Hello..I have notebook HP Compaq CQ45-318TX. I had bought it at 15 August 2009. But i forgot to make CD Recovery. The First, when i want to make Cd Recovery, i get message "The recovery partition could not be found" by Softthink Recovery Manager in my Windows Vista Home Basic. I have read this thread and i didn't find some files likes: 1. MBRinst.exe in folder C:\System.sav\Util 2. MBR.exe and MBRinst.exe in folder C:\windows\SMINST The Second, when i press F11 for System Recovery my notebook, i'm not get any message. After pressed F11 the boot is to My primay Windows without any message from System Recovery. After i read all comment in this thread/board admitedly i'm very confused :-( What should i do? Can you tell me step by step to solve it?