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  1. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    I checked the continuity of the trace and it seems like there are definitely issues. The main issue seems that all of the traces are connected since the scratch goes through. Does anyone know of something that I could use to "fill" the scratch with something nonconductive so I can try and repair it? It may be beyond the point of self repair- I found a place online that supposedly will provide the new PCB as well as the chip swap for only $50 so that might be my only option at this point.
  2. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    I appreciate the responses- I apologize that it's taken me a couple days to respond. Upon taking a closer look at the PCB it looks like there is a slight scratch next to one of the screws which may be what is causing the issue. It looks like it goes right across the traces that connect to the smart motor control. I assume that the problem has to do with this since it is not able to spin up properly. In a case like this is there anyway to repair the PCB? I thought of the possibility of covering the scratch with something and then scratching away at the traces but I'm not sure on where to start as far as that goes. I also was wondering about the possibility of buying a new PCB. I've attached a pic of the scratch- anyone have any suggestions?
  3. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    I apologize... Let me back up then- I am trying to fix a Seagate 7200.11 500Gb hard drive that is an OEM from an HP computer. I had the hard drive installed in my desktop as a secondary data hard drive and one day it just stopped working and wasn't showing up in the bios. I opened up the computer and could hear the hard drive humming every 3 seconds when the computer was trying to start up. I have tried it in multiple computers as well as in external bays and it does the same thing no matter where I put it.
  4. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    Not sure if anyone can help me but was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction... I have read every page of this thread as well as every other post I could find on google since I am stuck. I have seen people having similar problems but have not found a definitive answer on how to fox it. I am getting the following in my terminal window: F3 T>/2 F3 2>Z Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.147 msecs F3 2>U (enter) Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008 Spin Error Elapsed Time 7 mins 27 secs R/W Status 2 R/W Error 84150180 The hard drive is making a small hum every 3 seconds like it is trying to spin and then stops. There is no grinding, clicking, clacking, beeping or the like, just a small hum. I have tried cleaning the connections and have done the process probably 10 times now and it keeps coming up with the same error message. I have also tried rotating the hard drive while it is trying to spin up and no luck there either. I do not know if there is something wrong with my PCB or the motor driver or what. I am at a complete loss at this point and am looking for any advice possible. There is confidential data on the hard drive that I need to recover so data recovery services are out of the question unless they were to simply repair the hard drive and not simply just extract the data. Any help is graciously appreciated.