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  1. Easy Sata Questions

    hi don here if you know how to make new folders in winxp here is where you place the sata drivers or ide drivers c:\xpcreate\filescd\$oem$\$1\drivers then xpcreate should see them ok make sure your drivers are the right ones ok hope this helps B)

    hi all don here made a new xp disk with xpcreate and all the downloads from xpcreate used fail safe list to dloaded them and my scsi drivers too xpcreate had no errors ether with the files in the right folders made the iso img and burned it to a cd installed it watched every thing sofar sogood well not when xploads i get the first loading bar ok then i get xp splash screen ok to a point then a blue screen of death real fast one can not read it though and then a reboot then it starts to load again up to the spash screen and blue screen of death and starts all over again can some help here B) thanks
  3. hi all don here well i did it i got my sata scsi raid drivers do work with some help here here is how i did it with xpcreate place your drivers in the folder like this filescd\$oem$\$1\drivers inside filescd folder make anther one named $oem$ then inside that one make this one $1 then inside this one make one make one called drivers cut and paste your drivers in the drivers folder then run the xpcreate again thats how i got mine to work i hope this helps to get yours to work take care don B)
  4. XPCREATE Errors

    hi don here thanks i got my raid drivers to work with some help here online is their a pdf manual i can get to show me where to put other stuff in the folders of xpcreate to get the most out of it
  5. problems with SATA drive

    hi don here i have the same drivers too on my mb some one here said to put them here to put them here like this inxpcreate filescd\$oem$\$1\drivers folder just copy and paste your drivers in the drivers folder rerun xpcreate you should be ok try it see if it works for you
  6. hi all don here used xpcreate to make a new disk of wondows xp pro got my sata raid drivers in the right way on the cd and now when it boots from cd and i get this "line 1 of the inf file \i386\txtsetup.sif is invalid windows
  7. XPCREATE Errors

    hi don here i joined yesterday well here go's when i run the cmd to get started things go well to a point i am new to the program line says adding sta raid support then next line says can' find drivers dir i need to know where the folder go's in the right place in xpcreate and step by step instructins on how to intergrate my oem ata scsi drivers the easest way xpcreate is not bad i am not a progamer but i think it needs to easer way to add your drivers in so winxp sees them when i look at the cmd lines comming up with errors i do not know how fix them can not find the sif dir yet eather the progams works is there a better verson comming? that i can try and buy? take care all don