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  1. Did you solve the problem?
  2. Hi everybody. I tried to look up for the problem until I reached page 6 and realized that I do not know how to solve this problem. I tried to reboot the PC (currently testing on VirtualBox) after App X is installed and then start the Installation (start WPI and continue the process) of App Y. But it never restarts WPI when I tried it. I added the Reboot Command as the second command after I choose the file in the 1st Command. As far as I understand the logic of this commands WPI should install the app first and then restart the PC. It actually restarts it but it never restarts WPI after I login again. What is the problem? FYI I use 7Customizer to create an unattended Installation of W7 Pro x64. Hopefully you know what I mean and somebody could help me. Thank you very much. Regards.