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  1. Hello, I need detailed steps on how to get Window's Movie Maker 2.6 working on Win2000. It seem's that every time I try, I still get "The procedure entry point could not be found". Can someone please help me get Window's Movie Maker 2.6 working on my Window's 2000? Please help!!!
  2. Dave, What step's did you use, to make Movie Maker work?
  3. Blackwingcat, So when i install Movie Maker 2.6, it install's just fine, but when i start the program, i always get some sort of error (like mscvrt.dll cannot be found. ) What am i doing wrong? Can someone explain to me, what settings do i need to use, to make the program actually run? (It doesn't matter if some thing's don't work, i just want the app to actually open.)
  4. URGENT!! Can anyone explain to me, the step's required to install Window's Movie Maker 2.6, on Window's 2000? I need EVERY step, from installing dll's, to making the program work. This is VERY urgent, and i need to find out how i can pull this off. Anyone?!?!?!?!! HELLO, ANYONE?!?!?!?!?!?!