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  1. What's your #1 site for getting tech news about Microsoft (gaming excluded)? I'm quite curious at what MSFN people use as their main source...
  2. Oh I've already been on staff here before and I messaged Martin about this edit: < I even still have my member title Anyway, back on topic! Thoughts?
  3. Link: RSS: Alright, so it's not *my* website but it is very meaningful to me because I write for it Many of you probably already know about Ars Technica, but very few of you know about the Microsoft Journal. Why would this be? Well, quite frankly it sucks. Before I was brought on, very little was posted there. I'm talking VERY little. Maybe a tenth of what MSFN posts on the front page. I just started writing for it on Monday, and it's slowly picking up speed. Seeing as MSFN is generally Microsoft-oriented, I thought you guys might find it interesting. I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think I'm doing right or what I'm doing wrong
  4. Wow I didn't know it was abandoned. That's a shame :/
  5. Sweet, I'll look into this
  6. I put it under the first word, but since you didn't notice, might as well put it at the bottom
  7. This forum is mainly focussed on Naro programs, their development and beta testing them. We've just moved away from BetaXP and so everything is still pretty bare. We have a few default skins available but a new one is on the way. We moved from phpbb to mybb although IPB may be an option later on. Activity is pretty dead as the forum is less than a week old Let us know what you think
  8. Looks pretty blurry to me
  9. Aero for now. I'll probably go custom when there are some good ones available
  10. I wish upgrading a CPU was as simple as upgrading RAM :/
  11. Either get an x2 amd or a C2D. Other than that, there is nothing out there for ya - IMHO.
  12. IMHO, yes. QFT.
  13. I'm about to install the 64bit ones, hope all goes well 64bit: 32bit:
  14. Router & Vista's Firewall Avast (Actually I'll uninstall it for now until the next big update hits) Vista's Windows Defender