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  1. Hey guys! In the past I've had good use and support from MSFN. However, I got into a little discussion with a non-IT-savvy colleague of mine: Him: What is this MSFN you talk about? Me: Well, it's a place where people go to ask and get answered with techie stuff. Him: Who owns it, and who runs it? Me: Uhm, don't know - can't find any info about it. Him: What does MSFN stand for? Me: Uhm ... no idea. Him: Can I trust the answers I get? etc - you get my drift... Why is there no "About this site" info? I'd like to be able to answer him
  2. Just thought I'd let you know that I gave up. I just couldn't find the drivers/files I needed. Luckily I did find a techy mate who was happy to donate a laptop that had been "put out to pasture" but still was an upgrade for the old Fujitsu so all's well etc.
  3. I'm in a bit of pickle: I was helping a mate get rid of Trojans and viruses on his Fujitsu Lifebook e-series laptop. Unfortunately the malware cleaner removed some essential Windows files so I'm stuck in Task Manager at the moment. Using Task Manager I can access the whole of the disk, and start and stop the laptop. I copied some of the DLL files Windows XP said it required via a burnt CD, but after copying iertutil.dll I got the error message "The ordinal 681 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll". After trying to google research this error message, I decided to use the XP cd to try and repair XP. However I now get "Setup did not find any hard disk drives". I am not comfortable with Bios handling - however I did manage to find the following info: Serial ATA Port 0 Fujitsu MHV2080BH - SATA I've tried to google "mvh2080bh" to see if i could find a driver but no luck there. (And of course since its a laptop there is no floppy drive so i'd have to make a slipstream (?) CD, hopefully I could manage that - perhaps on my own Windows 7 laptop?) So now i'm stuck - I'd love any tips on what to do next, so my mate doesn't blame me for ruining his laptop....