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  1. Thanks for the info - will test over the weekend. By the way, I just looked into my core.ini and I noticed that I (still ?) have in several sections: KERNEL32.VerSetConditionMask=none KERNEL32.VerifyVersionInfoA=none KERNEL32.VerifyVersionInfoW=none Can these entries be deleted now ? Update: After disabling SetDllDirectoryA/W in core.ini multi-media like Youtube works but trying to print still crashes SeaMonkey with kexbasen16.
  2. Apilog for kexbases 'media' crash - Flash, etc. Looks like CreateProcessW might be the culprit.
  3. ApiLog when trying to print with the latest Kexbasen.
  4. Here are my first results. Most KernelEx depending apps that I use like VLC player seem to work fine with the latest release !! Unfortunately have some problems with SeaMonkey 2.6.1. - kexbases seem to cause a crash of SeaMonkey when playing flash videos. Unfortunately no entries in faultlog. - kexbasen seem to cause a crash of SeaMonkey when trying to print. Below two different crashlogs because I tested different printer drivers. (No 'stapelwerte' from the second tested driver)
  5. Thanks Jumper, it was fun going through all these functions !! One forward seem to have fixed one little issue I had with SeaMonkey's email-suite. And the machine seem to be a little bit faster now. Especially OpenOffice loads rather quick. One stub (ntdll.RtlTimeToSecondsSince1970) forwarded to ROS broke (at least) VLC Player so I continue do use the classic 'z2'. However, no progress on the other bigger problems - like running SeaMonkey higher than 2.6.1 ! Thank you for your continuing support.
  6. Hi Jumper, would love to test iphlpapi5 !! Besides that, the ntdll.dll section in my kstub is now very long because of the ReactOS files. So can you maybe add stubs for : NtCompleteConnectPort=z2 NtConnectPort= NtCreateEvent= NtCreateIoCompletion= NtCreateKey=z2 NtCreateNamedPipeFile= NtCreatePort=z2 NtCreateSection= Are you with 4.17 then reaching XP SP3 level ?
  7. Hi Drugwash, thank you for the infos. I tried/tested various things but unfortunately nothing helped. Does anyone maybe know what the difference is between a pre-scan and a real scan ?? I mean, shouldn't the same files/dlls been used ? Thx, MiKl
  8. May have been some kind of a bug because the new version 7.1 asks if it should delete the none working plugins on first launch ! (A bug of course most likely only affecting older OS's like 98SE )
  9. Are these entries generally recommended or only when there are problems with FlsAlloc ?? Thx, MiKl
  10. Hi Guys, I have a Lexmark 1130 Printer/Scanner-Combo. Drivers are installed and the device manager does not show any problems !! I only use it to scan so the printer is not installed. Through the years whenever I wanted to scan the app complained about that but scanned anyway !! - When I just pre-scan everything is fine. But trying to do a real scan causes a crash. SPOOL32 führte eine ungültige Anweisung in Modul <Unbekannt> bei 0000:00000017 aus. Register: EAX=853c78ca CS=018f EIP=00000017 EFLGS=00010202 EBX=854c5904 SS=0197 ESP=0086fc94 EBP=0086fef0 ECX=854c59fc DS=0197 ESI=853c7820 FS=3fff EDX=00000002 ES=0197 EDI=915e0038 GS=0000 Bytes bei CS:EIP: f0 79 ea 00 f0 21 ea 00 f0 00 00 00 d8 d2 08 46 Stapelwerte: 0086fc98 00000197 7fabc806 00510734 00000000 915e0044 00000000 00000000 915e01f4 000000ff 915e0038 00438450 00000001 00000000 45545359 8232004d After that the scanning starts and is successful but all printers are gone. Clicking on the printer folder freezes the OS. I tried different versions of spool32.exe and also de-installing KernelEx !! Trying to now install the printer causes the same problems. Does anyone maybe know what could be wrong ??
  11. Hi Jumper, today I noticed that when I have one or more tabs open that SumatraPDF 3.1.2 does not freezes/hangs !! Maybe this will help if you try to fix this issue.
  12. The newly released version 7 of Notepad++ works fine but on one of my machines I had to rename notepad's plugins folder to plugin otherwise the app would start with an 'unknown execption' message. Weird ....
  13. The copy & paste problem affects only "KEx-apps to Non-KEx-apps" but now also "KEx-apps to KEx-apps". I use latest Notepad++ 6.9.2 but the problem is also there with a 6.8.x version. SumatraPdf is also affected.
  14. Hi Jumper, wow indeed - what a great new package !! Unfortunately none of the KEx-depending apps that I use really seem to need these new functions so I only have a few observations. - C&P seem to be broken even more now. I can't even copy and search a text in documents opened only in Notepad++ any longer. I tested other comp-modes and also versions of usp10.dll and/or uxtheme.dll but had no success. - I noticed two stubs for ntdll: Wow64DisableWow64FsRedirection and Wow64RevertWow64FsRedirection I had these two stubs already in Kext but for kernel32.dll !! I made these entries most likely after checking a ReactOS-DLL with DependecyWalker. Should I delete it ? Thx, MiKl
  15. Hi guys, sorry if this has been discussed already several times but I wonder if it would be possible to: - to highlight the full line of a search result not just the file name only - maybe even additionally list file versions in case of dll's, etc. Best wishes, MiKl