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  1. Hi Magic Andre, Man you have put your soul into helping people on this thread. Massive Ups to you. There is a place in heaven reserved for people relieving computer rage.... I have the CPU spikes causing audio and video stuttering which is driving me up the wall! I would really appreciate your help to interpret the results of the xperf file. I have followed your initial instructions and have my report. Which is the result or column that indicates the driver at fault? On one occasion I ran it and got USBPORT at the top of the list. Then another time NDIS then another time TCPIP.sys (that was when I made it a very small duration centered on the actual spike.. I have updated my Realtek audio drivers off the website. Following the NDIS find I updated my WLAN drivers off the website also (Windows didn't seem to think they needed updating in device manager) my problem is still there. The longer I have it logged in the worse it gets although a restart will often cure it temporarily. Would it be easier if I just PM you my scan to look at? Many thanks for any help you can provide.