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  1. On my 98 machine (Which I am on), I use a USB wifi stick. It's a Sagem XG760A. I purchased it off of ebay a few years ago for a couple of bucks. It works great on my computer. I dont know i you can still find one, though. Good luck!
  2. Ah, My secondary controller was stuck in PIO mode. I dont want to jynx it, but it feels a whole hell of a lot faster. I hope my HDD isnt failing.. The computer isnt 2 years old yet, and I really haven't used it that much.. I turn it off when i'm not using it, unlike my other computers, that are older and run 24/7 and knock on wood, still work. Man, You are a big help. Thanks!
  3. What is PIO mode? I'm trying to find a proper driver so that I don't have to use IDE. I tried slipstreaming the driver you gave me when I was installing 2k, but it said the file was missing when I went to install... I'm running low on discs to experiment with , and the WinSetupFromUSB program I have (Which I believe I got from here ) gives me an error saying that it "could not install grub4dos MBR"
  4. Hey, I'm trying to install Xp 64 bit on my HP desktop. When I try to install it in ACHI mode, it blue screens right after the "Setup is starting windows" screen, but in IDE mode, it installs fine. I assume I just need to slipstream a SATA driver for my chipset, seeing that it installs fine otherwise. I would just leave it installed under IDE, but for some reason everything on the computer is slow as hell. (Programs that should install in 5 minutes install in 5 hours) The processor usage is low, and it is using little ram. Anyone know what could be causing this? I'm linking it with IDE mode(But that may not be the issue). Anyone have or know where I could obtain a driver? Any help is appreciated. Here are my specs: HP Pavillion p6000 FoxConn Mobo, model 2AB1 AMD 785G chipset Southbridge model SB700 AMD Athlon || x2 220 2.8ghz 8gb ram Thanks a lot!
  5. I did a bit of looking around, and I think its a Realtek ALC888. I got that info from here, and I tried the drivers, but still, the card isnt able to start.
  6. Here you go: Uploaded with
  7. I went ahead and bought one of those cards. I couldn't pass it up for $4, since intel makes 2k drivers for it. (I already have them downloaded) but im still trying to get the audio to work.
  8. I havent gotten a chance to try out the driver yet, but i will in a bit. As for the wifi card, would this be a good fix? And the audio is not cooperating either... Uploaded with Also, Can windows 2000 only handle one usb device being plugged in at a time? If I have my wifi card plugged in, and plug in my Iphone or my flashdrive, it kills my internet connection, and neither of them work until the other is removed.
  9. Also, when I do the wifi card, the installer installs fine, but
  10. Wifi drivers are downloading, but as for the audio, when you go past the "I accept to the above" screen, it says "Object moved to Here" and you click here, and it does back to the accept to download screen. Is the realtek the same model number as the intel?
  11. Tomas, Thank you so much for helping me get all of this installed and working. I more than likely would have just given up trying to install, if you hadn't helped me. Now, I would imagine that you are more than tired of helping me get drivers to work on here, but... It would be great if I had audio on this thing, and if possible, have the internal wifi card work with it (I doubt it will because it doesn't have a utility) I cant find any drivers older than vista for them. The audio card is a Intel 82801IB/IR/IH [iCH9 Family] SMBus controller, and the wifi card is a Intel WiFi Link 5100. Is it possible to make them work? Thanks!
  12. I can, Indeed. Sometime tomorrow I'll look into the other drivers I need, but for now i'm good. (Resolution is good, and my USB wifi stick works) Thanks!
  13. Oh. That worked. I had always gone to the specify a location and selected the driver that way. Installed with no problems. Thanks!
  14. Well, I got it installed ok, but it looks like we're headed down the same road as last time. The graphics driver doesn't work. In device manager, i get the "Windows was unable to locate a driver for this device".. Edit: The card is a Nvdia 9800M GTS. I assume the M is mobility, and that might explain the driver not working.
  15. I've got the driver downloading, and will slipstream it in a bit. Thanks! Once I install, I will install the latest version. Thanks! Now all I have to do is wait on my hard drive.. Edit: When I go to slipstream it, when i'm in nlite, go to the, In the driver section there are 2 drivers. iaACHI, and iaStor. Which do i use? or do I use both? I just went along with the iaACHI, but there are quite a few options to which I can use. Which is correct? Another EDIT: I just integrated both, along with all of the options shown in the below picture. (Made in a separate iso incase this wont work) Uploaded with