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  1. First a little bit about the issue I am having: We have a group of users on our network who have created an excel document with a bunch of hyperlinks in it and was working fine for over a month on a share drive. We then transferred it to a SharePoint document library and it began to take longer and longer to open every time they pulled it down. Once this issue was noticed we moved to put it back on the share drive put the issue persists. I have done what I believe to be all the fixes that I could find but the problem seems to be compounding upon itself. Now even to select the document inside the share drive has a noticeable lag. This isn’t an issue that is located just on a few machines but on multiple users but the time that it takes to open varies from machine to machine. If anyone has any idea on the issue I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you need anymore info i will be happy to give what I can Thank you in advance