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  1. For a reasons known only to few ancient gods my PC will boot only from DOS (free or MS) formatted USB-s. Grub based will be reported unbootable or boot porcess will end with error, other will just freeze the boot process altogether. To the topic: I tried booting off with a FreeDOS USB , with grub4dos added. It was prepared with HP tool. and grub4dos started via autoexec.bat. I use it to chainload to a USB, prepared with WinSetupFromUSB When the USB boots, I do map (hd0) (hd2) map (hd2) (hd0) map --hook uuid (to check if I mapped everything correct) find --set-root /grldr boot At this point green.yellow grub screen of WinSetupFromUSB will welcome me Here things can go two ways 1)If I try to boot and DOS-USB is still plugged, the setup will report that TXTSETUP.SIF(as far as I remember) was not found 2) If I plug out the DOS-USB and only the WinSetupFromUSB is plugged, everything will work as normal. Just anted to let you all know