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  1. Great, that should work better Use the previous given link to identify Rx and Tx. And I wish you all the luck you need to fix it (and some more) omg.please help,i cannot start a port,my port is com8,bits per second is 9600,i change 38400,and when i open the hyper terminal unable to open com8,please check your port settings,help,help,help is my driver to out or...?where can found the newest driver?
  2. No, DKU-2 will NOT work. OK,finally i got the ca-42 already,i with try it,and wish me a luck.thanks
  3. The DKU-5 works the same as the CA-42. See FGA #6 for more info. The link given there will show you how to easily identify Rx and Tx. thanks for you helping~ but,not is DKU-5,Is DKU-2
  4. somebody here to help,a question... who use the dku-2 work in fine or failed? does the dku-2 can work on it? how should i know which rx and tx? sorry for my bad english!