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  1. Hello, Thank you very much for reporting this problem. However the problem my occur due to a corrupted version of Windows. Please try to use another image. In addition to that, those expectations may be wrong so please do attach us a copy of your BuCleanLog.txt you will find that at the Local Drive (C:\) Furthermore, a new release of BuClean will be unveiled in the next few days, So please provide us with the log. Thank you very much BuClean Team Here is the log file, and I also find that there is a warning message says 'Ekttob\temp\ImagesInfo.xml is used by another process ... ' when exit 7mizer BuCleanLog.txt
  2. I install the newest BuClean Studio (v5.0) on WIN7 SP1. The "Enable Customization" checkbox is gray when open the source of WIN7_PRO_SP1_VL CHS version.