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  1. Hiya this needs fixing .... from your Blog : sends me here registered or not :
  2. BuCleanLog.txt Hi, first thanks for the hard work gone into building a free tool for us all, secondly Festive Greetings Thought I'dd give it a whirl as I like the AIO idea saves me some thinking ran the installer on W7 x64 SP1 (fully updated) host machine and it didn't get past the splash screen: BuClean loads and demands Windows WAIK which is already installed in %ProgramFiles% (default install) and all tools have been added into Windows\System32 for ease of use too. When showing the program where my WAIK is it demands do I wish to use IA64 or AMD64 ? Doesn't matter what I chose clicking either choice makes it disappear and I'm left with a Splash screen which requires task manager to close it down ! With the WAIK choice buttons if I tell it where the imagex or oscdimg files are located ,the box closes leaving me with the Splash Screen. Haven't tried DLing the whole WAIK button as I know my install is fine. I've been using these files so I know they are installed and working correctly. Log says very little but I've attached it . Any help appreciated thxs. Best regards Fairbod