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  1. Can you provide instructions or a link to an example? I'm having difficultly understanding your suggestion.
  2. I do not want to enable Superfetch because my OS drive is an SSD. I successfully created a boot trace about six months ago without Superfetch enabled. Any ideas?
  3. Andre, I know you've encountered this issue with other before but I'm hoping you (or anyone else) might have a solution. When I attempt to run a boot trace I receive the error message when boot trace finishing counting down after the desktop loads: This leaves me with unmerged .etl files. I will copy the entire xboottrace log below. In a previous post you linked to a forum where they suggested manipulating registry entries, but I am concerned doing so may enable ReadyBoost, Superfetch, or Disk Defrag. I want to avoid this because I am using an SSD as my system disk. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. AHCI would show up as SCSI\DISKOCZ. Can you show me a screenshot of the Device manager (expand the Controller node)? Thanks for the explanation. I've attached the screenshot you requested. I looked into removing the Adobe prefetcher last night but couldn't find any information. Do you have any instructions or a relevant link? I've removed CCC and the Intel graphics driver, unplugged my DVD drive and external HDD with no noticeable effect on start-up times. Still can't figure out why it would show my SSD as IDE.
  5. Andre, I double checked to ensure my BIOS is set to AHCI. I am 90% sure it was set to AHCI mode when my Windows was installed. For my benefit, can you explain where in the trace file shows that I am running in ATAPI/IDE mode? My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3, BIOS version F8. Could you also please teach me how to discern how long my load times are being increased by ATI CCC, Logitech, Adobe prefetcher, and the Intel graphic driver? I'm not worried about a difference of 5 seconds, but I am concerned it is taking me over a minute to complete a boot cycle with a decent quality SSD when my laptop HDD can do it in approximately the same amount of time. Thanks again for your help.